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It all started with a table.

A beautifully imperfect table made of reclaimed wood, a thin patchwork design that was full of character and texture.

At the time, Kevin and I had big dreams but didn’t know where to begin. Kevin was miserable in his sales job. I was laid off along with everyone at my company when the fashion industry took a dip in the market. We just had our first baby. We knew we needed to make a change. 

So about that table...

Kevin had been creating furniture for years as a hobby for family and friends. We didn’t have a penny to our name, a computer that hardly worked, a few basic tools, no clue what the heck we were doing but big dreams and a willingness to work hard. With a “Let’s see how this goes” we posted a picture of that table on Etsy. We never anticipated what would unfold from just saying “yes” to stepping into a dream. We couldn’t see on that day how we would grow and learn to love one another better / not kill each other (haha) throughout those two years working together out of our garage. We didn’t yet see that one day we would move into our dream shop or spend our days expressing our creative gifts to build precious tables, ready to hold all the memories, for other people.

That grainy, imperfect photo of a table posted on Etsy would end up being one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.

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We create tables, desks, seating and everything in between. Our hearts beat wildly knowing we get to create a space for families to slow down and experience healthy, genuine, intentionally loving relationships. We believe everyone needs a place to go every day and connect face-to-face, to fill each other's cups + have their souls fed. The place they are reminded daily what matters most in life.



Through several battles with autoimmune disease, suffering from loss, failures and continual trails our family has learned the impact healthy relationships & healthy food has on our bodies + souls. Through the pain we found purpose. With every table purchased we are planting farms throughout our community. Playing a role in educating children on the importance + value of real food is beyond fulfilling. Empowering them to not only make healthy choices physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Giving them the knowledge and power they deserve to live their lives to the fullest.

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We believe the seeds we sow in life strengthen us to bear good fruit. Good fruit always produces a rich harvest. Your support makes this harvest possible and that harvest becomes impact. No good thing comes fast. Slow down and join us in creating life-changing relationships. Let’s grow together. It all starts at The Table.


All the Produce Harvested is Donated to Families in Need Throughout the Community.
For every 10 Farmstands Sold + 1 will be Given to a Community Based Organization or School.

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